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THE ROAD FROM OMAHA                      

I was born December 13, 1940 in Omaha, Nebraska.  The book follows my life story through my current seventy six years. My family moved to Oregon when I was two and I spent most of my time living and working there. 


 This is a story about young teen-age boys growing up in Seattle, Washington.  The story centers around four friends.  Each one is searching in his own way to find out who he will become.  They are going through that sometimes very difficult period between adolescence and manhood.  Their friendship will help them through the rough spots and each will in time become a crutch for the others.  They are all athletes and their story is about a football season and how the teenagers adjust and adapt to the balancing act between sport, social and academic challenges. 
  I had a former player ask me to write a book explaining football to mothers.  He thought I would soon be flush with money from the profit.  He was wrong, but I have finished the book filled with humor and great art work by Pete O’bren
IN MY HUDDLE   VOLUME  1 , 2 ,3   
 A series of stories about my coaching career.  Many about former players as they were competing for me at my different coaching stops.
  Patterned after the ‘Huddle’ books these are stories about my travels in Europe during my coaching months of spring and summer.  As the coaching is not a full time job we have some weekends free and I took full advantage.  You’ll follow me through most of western Europe.
 To quote Ward Bond in John Ford's Quiet Man, "I'll begin at the beginning. I like to laugh and I hope I can make you laugh. I'm going to poke fun at a lot of people and a lot of things so don't take offense if I hit a sore point.  If you get mad at what I write you're taking yourself, your job or your life way to seriously.
  This book will probably offend someone but frankly I don’t care!  Everyone hates a winner, or nearly everyone.  The Yankees, the Patriots and the Warriors to name three professional teams. 
       If you win too much somehow in many minds you become the bad guy.  I’ve never bought in to that theory and nearly always root for winners.  Simple really, Winners Win, Losers Bitch.
 The playbook my Mc Nary team used when we won the 1997 State Championship in a 51-48 win over Beaverton High, in what many called the greatest State Championship Game ever played.
The nine book series follows a group of friends  through their high school
playing career.  All of the stories, episodes and action actually took pace
during either my playing or coaching career.  If you love high school sports you’ll love this series.



The first book in the nine book ‘Eric Lewis Sports Series’.  The main character, Eric Lewis, and his friends begin their high school varsity sport career with a new coach as the football season swings into gear.  Follow the boys on and off the field in this series opener.


It’s time to move on to basketball season.  The team is filled with veteran players but two sophomores, Eric and his best buddy Luke, break in to the starting lineup.  Follow this ride through the Central Valley League in southwest Iowa.  The Crater Comets prove their success in football was no fluke.

 HIT AND RUN                   

Following two deep playoff runs in football and basketball the defending CVL  champion baseball team begins the defense of their league crown.  It’s a veteran team loaded with strong pitching and big bats.  Veteran coach Mack has his sights set on something higher than last years run to the state semi-final.
Most teams would be satisfied with making quarter or semi final appearances in the state playoffs, but the Crater Comets have their sights on higher goals.  Coach Vincetti begins his second year at Crater High with a loaded lineup of veteran players.  Nothing short of a deep run in the playoffs will satisfy this group of young athletes.
 RUN AND SHOOT                   


After a trip to the final a year ago and a heartbreaking defeat this year’s Comet hoops squad won’t be denied in their run towards another chance at the big trophy.  Eric will need to pick up the scoring lost with Sean Kitter’s graduation but no one believes he won’t do just that.


Backing up the state title won’t be easy with so many big bats gone to graduation.  The task will be made easier by a strong pitching staff and excellent defense.  Timely hitting might replace the long ball but the end result could very well be the same.  The success over a two year period of the Crater sport teams has everyone anxious to begin another challenge.
The summer prior to his senior year is filled with football camps and high hopes.  Eric’s goal is to set a record that can’t be broken.

      No school had ever won three state championships in football, basketball and baseball in the same year.  The Comets had come precariously close last year and they wanted, to a man, to finish the job. 

      They knew it wouldn’t be easy but they had veteran teams returning in both football and basketball.  Baseball would possibly be the biggest challenge but first things first.


A veteran team awaited the CFL and hopefully the state of Iowa.  The defending state champion Crater boys basketball would be ranked number one in all the preseason polls.

      They knew they had a target on their back but that made the challenge even more fun.  This senior class had won two state football titles, one state baseball championship, and were the defending state basketball champs.  For some that might be a heavy load to carry, but for the senior boys it was a badge of honor.

FOUL BALL                 

The unbelievable win in the state basketball final has helped catapult Eric into his final sport season at Crater High.

      The Comets have now won both football and basketball championships back to back.  The three-peat which eluded them a year ago sits in their sights.

        In spite of all the success on the playing fields and courts there was a cloud hanging over Eric’s final sport season with the Crater Comets.  Everyone would be watching and a doctor’s scalpel might be the biggest hurdle Eric will face.

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