Former head coach, North Carolina State, New York  Jets, U. of Arkansas, U. of Minnesota,  Notre Dame U, U. South Carolina;


       “Although the Eric Lewis books are works of fiction, they contains real life values, such as integrity, honesty, and hard work to mention a few.  Both young and mature people alike,  from all over the country will benefit from reading Coach Tom’s book’s."   Lou Holtz






Head Coach University of Nebraska; Formerly Head Coach at Oregon State University and the San Diego Chargers NFL


“Tom is one of the foremost authorities on offensive football.  For years he has coached innovative and productive teams.  He happens also to be a well respected author.  I’m sure his new series, “Eric Lewis Sports Series” will soon be on every high school football coaches book shelf.  I’ve read the manuscript and the lessons to be learned in it are invaluable for young players, coaching staff’s and parents.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about lifetime skills from an expert.”



     "Having known Tom Smythe for almost 40 years, it was a joy to read the book series.  He brought to my attention so many things I believe in as a coach.  Before it was OK to put your arm around a kid and tell him you love him, Tom was there.  He used love and encouragement instead of cursing and tearing down a young athlete to attain high team and individual performance. Before the spread offenses and the no huddling, that the game now has evolved too, Tom was there.  He has won at every level and played the game the way it was suppose to be played.  

     It was so much fun to enjoy the memories and places in these chapters, and along the way being able to confirm validity on the lessons of life this great game we love can teach you.  I loved the books and so will you.  Enjoy, they are all here."


Portland State; U. California; Detroit Lions NFL.  The        inventor of the “Run and Shoot” offense;


        Tom’s ability as a football coach is unquestioned, his ability as an author soon will be.  He has put together a book series that will soon become must reading for sport lovers.  He has portrayed all the best qualities desired by every coach in every sport at every level into the characters in his series.

        If you’re an ex athlete you’ll find reading his books will take you back to your own playing days hopefully with fond memories.  The fun and easy read will put a big smile on your face.  Then you’ll want to show them to your children.  They will learn how to play games with class.




I had the privilege of being coached by Tom Smythe back in high school. He played a key role in laying down the foundation for me as football player which helped me to go on to play for the University of Oregon and 9 successful years in the NFL as a Wide Receiver.

The lessons I learned from Coach Smythe have stuck with me to this day. He stressed hard work, commitment, team work and showed me how to enjoy athletics. With Tom’s tremendous accomplishments as a long time football coach, I have no doubt his book’s will have valuable lessons for all. I am truly looking forward to reading the entire series.





Head Football Coach South Medford


As a coach who has had the privilege of coaching against Tom at both the college and high school level, I consider him to be one of Oregon’s great football coaches and innovator of coaching methods. Tom “gets it” as a coach and his book’s outlines his unique balance and insightful perspective to coaching and life that has been successful over many, many years.  I’m going to share Tom’s book’s with my staff, players and parents, that’s for sure!  




Head Football Coach  North Medford Black Tornado


I had the privilege  to watch Tom Smythe’s teams and coach against those teams during my high school and college coaching career.  He was special from the first day I saw his team compete against Pendleton in the OSAA State Football Play-offs.  His team was running funnel screens and fullback slip screens before they became the in vogue thing to do.  In that first game I witnessed a coach who was far “ahead of his time” in scheme and in how to prepare a scheme.  It was a true pleasure to watch him take his act to Lewis and Clark College and be one of the only successful coaches  in history at that institution.

        I still have his first book and I still use a lot of schemes from that book.  I will certainly use his new book series with my staff and try to share his insights and knowledge with my student athletes as well




QB in HS, JC, D-1 college, NFL, CFL, and WFL - Coached Youth FB, HS, College, NFL, CFL. and the WFL


"Coach Smythe is the greatest high school football coach that I have ever seen. His teams are always well coached.  They work hard and they have fun at practice and games.  Coach has developed more great quarterbacks at the high school level than anyone I know.

I have read "the rough copy" of his first book “Sophomore” and I believe coaches and players of all levels will learn and enjoy. "Parents" of youth and high school players will learn a lot about the game of football both on and off the field.  Coach Smythe does a great job in sharing his coaching knowledge on offense, defense and special teams.  Last, he does a GREAT job in showing kids and parents the everyday life as a head coach."


Field turf,  Inc. Head football coach Lake Oswego High School


Coach Smythe has been a mentor and a friend ever since I had the pleasure of playing for him in high school 40 years ago. This book series he has written is SO entertaining and so true to life. As a player, a parent or a fan his book’s will give you laughter, perspective and insight into how one of the most successful high school coaches made everything work while enjoying lots of wins and winning lots of friends for life. His book’s will bring back memories and good times for anyone who has ever been coached by someone at any level and in any sport. Do yourself a favor……read the entire book series and enjoy! 


Lakeridge High School;  Portland State U.


I've read the "rough copy" of the first book in the series, “Sophomore” and it is a great read.  It should be on every 8th and 9th grade players reading list. Perfect for us old guys too! Coach accurately captures the passion for high school football from the inside out!


Oregon sports historian, author and biographer


Coach Tom Smythe skillfully blends his passion for athletics, which he had as a young man,  with his actual life impacting coaching experiences to express the philosophies he values today.

He hopes to pass them on to future generations through his  series of easy-to-read books. A noble legacy to leave.